you know i did this last week and can't remember the functions is used.

i had exactly the same problem but had to dump the records as plain text

i used get_html_translation_table . if you look at the example in the
compiled html help file for php there is a section of code that uses this
function and then array_flip to get the converted chars back into their
original symbols.


"John Pickett" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Howdy ;-)
> I have a problem when trying to display data in HTML from a MySQL query.
> Here's what happens:
> 1)  I convert the text entered using htmlentities ().  I then insert it
> the database table.  If I do a query from a terminal on the data it looks
> fine.
> 2)  When I do a select query on the data and then echo () it into a HTML
> page, all of the ' characters are preceded by an escape character \.  I
> don't want this to happen...
> A few questions...  First, would replacing the ' and " characters with
> HTML equiv pose problems when using them in say an img tag?  I mean, does
> HTML expect the actual ' and " characters instead of &quot; or whatever it
> is?  If it doesn't matter, I can just convert everything to HTML.
> My other question requires explanation of what I'm doing...  I'm trying to
> make it so my client can add their own news updates.  Really simple stuff.
> However, sometimes I'll want to add news items for them that include some
> HTML (like an email link or whatever).  However, the < and > characters
> being converted to &lt; and &gt;  Will this actually work?  Or do I need
> < and >?  If so, how can I convert everything BUT actual HTML tags...?
> not far enough along yet where I can test this stuff myself, sorry :-/
> Thanx!
> My 2 
> John Pickett
> Co-Author:  Inside Dreamweaver 4

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