Tony pressed the little lettered thingies in this order...

> Thanks for your quick respond and your help.
> This is great.
> I have one more favor to ask you.  As you know I am a beginner of PHP &
> Mysql, do I put that language on all my product pages?  It seems to be too
> much work. Is there way that I can save main language that you wrote in to
> one file as "stock.php3", and point a link from product html page with
> known item number for "itemx"? And, print the result back to product html
> page with "Out of Stock" or "In Stock". I will appreciate your help. Thanks
> again for your help. Tony

Take a look at function()
and require:

Define the code in the file you are requiring:
function inStock($itemx) { query here...
...echo result here...

And in your regular pages:

That's about it.

Good luck...

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