hi. i was wondering if the knowledgeable people on this list could help me out with a 
problem i'm having.
what i need is this:
i want a single page that with a variable taken from a database, will display a 
different page depending on the name of a band.

'artist' being the column from the database and 'thebandsname' being a specific row in 
the 'artist' column 

so basically what i need is some kind of statement sorta like this:
<--- start --->

if(isset($id)) {
else {
echo "please specify a band";

<--- end --->

but instead of including a file, i wanna include a row from a specific column, a 
little like 
select * from table where artist = 'thebandsname'

so if anyone could help me with this or point me in the right direction, i'd be very 
appreciative. also, if you don't understand what i mean, please feel to ask and i'll 
try and explain a little better.

thanks in advance,

Matt Nigh

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