[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Julie Keywell) writes:
> I am querying our database for 11,000 different zip codes and it seems
> to be overloading MySQL.  However, common sense says it shouldn't.
> My question is:
> When needing to query 11,000 things, is it best to make 1 SQL statement
> that has 11,000 ors, or run through individual querys 11,000 times?  Any
> help would be wonderful!  I am making PHP do the counting rather than
> MySQL.

I'm thinking join somehow, but I'm not sure I completely understand
the question. Post the query and table structure (you should change
the table names first, I guess, and only the necessary tables), and
maybe I for one can say more. :-)

... and furthermore ... I don't like your trousers.

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