In your query, do you need the single ticks around the $ContactID?  Is the
ContactID column a char/varchar field which would require the single ticks?
I'm wondering if that's causing your problem.  Also, what if you do that
query via the MySQL client?  What do you get then?

Josh Hoover
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> I'm trying to query my database to fill in data First Name 
> Last Name. Using
> the script below I get (depending on the ContactID I enter)
> Contact: 1 1 or 2 2
> If ContactID=0 I get
> Contact:
> Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?
> Thanks.
> Steve Fitzgerald
>     <?php
>     $sql="SELECT * FROM contacts WHERE ContactID='$ContactID'";
>   $result = mysql_query($sql,$db);
>    printf("%s\n", mysql_result($result,"FirstName"));
> printf("%s<br>\n", mysql_result($result,"LastName"));
>   ?>

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