on 7/26/01 11:11 AM, Steve Fitzgerald ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> ran the query in the MySQL client and got the ERROR 1054: Unknown column
> '$ContactID' in 'where clause'.  I know the column ContactID exists.

Of course it did.  It can't find the text $ContactID in the table.  Try
putting in a number (1,2,3, etc.) and see if it works.

If it does, try echo'ing out the $ContactID and the $sql to the screen.  See
if $ContactID really is set and then try the output of $sql in the MySQL


echo 'ContactID is: ' , $ContactID, '<br>';
$sql="SELECT * FROM contacts WHERE ContactID='$ContactID'";

echo 'SQL query is: ' , $sql, '<br>';

$result = mysql_query($sql,$db);

printf("%s\n", mysql_result($result,"FirstName"));

printf("%s<br>\n", mysql_result($result,"LastName"));


Hope that helps.


Paul Burney

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