Afternoon, Luc!

.Cite 30  2001 ., 4:21:32.
LS> Maybe this helps:

LS> $file = "/tmp/pathtoimage/image.jg"
LS> $fp = fopen($file, filesize($file));
LS> $image = fread($fp, filesize($file)); //not sure about fread function

LS> print $image //or imagejpeg($image), I'm not sure..

No. When you echoing $image, binary data will putted into the stream.
How opening j[eg-image in notepad.exe.
 You must put the header to begin of stream (header("Content-type:
Call this script "image.php" for example and show image using this
<img src=image.php>

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 Kos'ma prutkov

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