To take it a step further, I would suggest creating a php script
downloadimage.php as follows:

//some code to verify requested download against customers details,
remembering not to send any output to the browser (would upset the header()
header("Content-type: image/jpeg");
header( "Content-Description: JPEG Image from Freds Library ($image_name)"
header( "Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=$image_name" );

Then link to that with
<a href=downloadimage.php?imagename=10293492.jpg&customerid=11217&>Download

Make sure the images are outside of your webservers document root.  Then
you can programatically decide whether to serve the image to the user.
Removes the possibility of leeching the entire library..


Tony McCrory
IT, Trinity Mirror group (Ireland)
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"Koutsogiannopoulos Karolos" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in
> I wan't your opinion regarding a program i am constructing. It is about
> image bank for graphic studios or anyone else who needs a program that
> insert his pictures or descriptions of it and be able to make a fast and
> reliable search.


> What would be best.? Inserting the pictures in the DB or in the file

I would keep the image name in the database; save the original image
in a dedicated directory with a numeric name like 4920185.jpg and
then the thumbnail either with a suffix (like 4920185b.jpg) or with the
same name in a thumbnails directory; store the number as the picture ID.

The numbers should be large and pseudorandom, ie you don't want
to make it easy for someone to write a script to leech all your
pictures (it'll still be possible, but harder).  Maybe use the database
ID to seed a random number generator, and use the Nth generated

Have a text field for keywords, a text field for description,
a price field?, the author's name, email, and homepage.  If you put
the image directory below the web root directory, then the images
can only be accessed via a script, and you can restore the original
name at download (this solves the problem of name collisions).

If you're going to sell the pictures, you should allow a buyer more
than one download, in case they screw up or accidentally delete
it on their system; I would have a table for 'current purchases' with
a buyer ID and picture ID, and allow them something like access
for a week, up to 20 downloads of that image.

> ? Also notice that it is a reference db and not an actual bank. I mean
> there will be only photos of low quality and not the full picture which
> could be very large.

(shrug) as above, keep the images in the filesystem; then it
doesn't matter how large it is.

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