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Hugh Bothwell wrote:

> "Mike Gifford" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
>>The problem is that I am only getting one response from this query rather
> than
>>5.  I can't figure this out.  What did I do to only get one response?
> Try removing the ORDER BY and LIMIT and run the query by
> hand - how many responses do you get?  The search may only
> return one article.

I tried removing these and I got a similarly disappoinging response (one reply), 
so I decided to look again for code that is actually working and copy it from 
scratch.  I hit upon this and it is working now.

Thanks for your help.

function latest_articles() {
        global $id,$main_file,$front_end_url,$alt, $articlestable, $categorytable;
                $contentquery4 = mysql_query("SELECT a.*,s.URLname FROM $articlestable 
$categorytable s WHERE a.articleSectionID = s.articleSectionID ORDER BY a.date 
DESC") or mysql_die();
        if ($result = mysql_num_rows($contentquery4)) {
                while ($contentarray4 = mysql_fetch_array($contentquery4)) {
                        $category = $contentarray4["URLname"];
                                if ($alt) {
                                        if ($contentarray4["alt_title"]) {
                                                $link_name = 
                                                $alt_var = "?alt=french";
                                        } else {
                                                $link_name = $contentarray4["title"];
                                                $alt_var = "?alt=french";
                                } else {
                                        $link_name = $contentarray4["title"];
                                        $alt_var = "";
                                $content .= "\n<li><a 
. $alt_var ."\"  class=\"articleslink\">".stripslashes($link_name)."</a>";
                                if ($i==5) {
        return $content;

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