I'm trying to create an INSERT statement that will change a field in one
table based upon the id defined in another table.

Here is what I tried:

$sql1 = "INSERT INTO $table_name1 (FirstName,LastName,WorkPhone,

$sql2 = "INSERT INTO $table_name2 (CompanyName,WebSite)

WHERE contacts ON company.CompanyID =
contacts.CompanyID WHERE ContactID='$ContactID'

 $result_1 = @mysql_query($sql1,$connection) or die("Couldn't execute
 $result_2 = @mysql_query($sql2,$connection) or die("Couldn't execute

The goal is based upon a unique field call ContactID I want to be able to
update the CompanyName associated with the ContactID.

For example: ContactID=1 might have an associated CompanyName= Smith, Inc.
What I want to do is UPDATE/INSERT a new CompanyName and have that reflected
by changing the CompanyID associated with the ContactID.

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