I am having to learn php and mysql, at the sametime and with a time 
constraint.  So I am hoping I can have a lending hand from all the coding 
gurus out there.   Let my give you a little back ground.  I the owner of an 
ISP tech support outsourcing company and am trying to develop a call note 
system where the techs input to mysql notes on the call the teched and then 
have our clients (isps) use and authenicated site to do a search view the 
browser on a particuliar user's call note history.   At the present time I am 
working on the Insertion part of the php script.  I have created a data base 
in mysql and have been able to populate the data base.    When the tech hits 
the submit button and the data is inserted into the customer table, with 
cust_key, tech_key, cust_fname, cust_lname, cust_username, cust_timestamp 
columns and into table issues with issue_key, issue_type, issue_entry, 
issue_date columns.  I have this part working great.  

There is one more table in need to populate when the tech submits a call note 
and this is labled cust_issue_association.  The cust_issue_association table 
has the following columns cust_key and issue_key.  This table is being use to 
tie in the tables for a search.   My problem is I have no idea on how to 
populate this table.   When a call note is submitted into the customer table 
the cust_key is auto_incremented and in the issues table the issue_key is 
auto incremented.   So the million dollar question that is  driving me crazy 
with is how do I get these two keys to be inserted into 
cust_issue_association table when the call note is submitted.     I have 
attached what I have done so far (please excuse the readabiltiy and basicness 
of the code this is my first time doing this)   

I hope I have described this clearly enough.   Of course, I will give created 
in the code  and on the appropriate html page, where create is do for the 
people who help me.  

Thank you ahead of time for all your inputs. 

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