Edit your php.ini file and find the line that starts with
session.cache_limiter. Replace it so that the line says:

session.cache_limiter = ; Fix for Caching Problems

If you leave the value blank (the "; Fix for...." part is just a comment),
the browsers will handle their own caching and will eliminate this error.
Occasionally you will get a page that is cached and you will need to refresh
in order to see the updated contents, but for the most part, it works.

Another solution is simply to use GET methods in your forms instead of POST.
The whole page expired error is supposed to be a "safety" feature to keep
people from seeing private, posted information. The GET method puts all the
information in the query string, so there's nothing to hide, so caching
doesn't become a problem.

- Jonathan

"Olinux O" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> How do I eliminate this error when the BACK button is
> used?
> Warning Page Expired
> Thanks,
> olinux
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