Hi everybody,

I have a little question. What is the best datatype to put large character data into 
(more than 5.000-20.000 letters). Maybe a CLOB or a long ? I am quiet new to oracle so 
I don't know so much about the LOBs and how Oracle handles it. On thing is, that I 
have to use more than one large field in one table, this means that I cannot use the 
long type, because only one is allowed, right. OK Then I think there is only a LOB 
Type (maybe the CLOB is the best for my stuff). 
I tried it, but I cannot put the data in the normal way into the field, like I am used 
to with MYSQL longtext type. 

How can I put LOB data into the DB via PHP or is there an other method to put large 
character data into the DB, can anybody help me

thanx in advance,


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