At 08.08.2001 01:05, Robert Barish wrote:
>Hello everyone.
>Let me get to the point directly.  I had to reinstalled a clean version of
>7.2 and only one thing left to do and is is kicking my perverbial back side
>I use php scripting for my little web site and access mysql. The old
>installation I got up in a snap.  When i move the save files over
>to the htdoc directory and tried to view my index.php page it tries to
>download it.  You can go to and see what I mean.  I have
>done everything under the sun to try to fix this and am missing something
>really lame.   I know this is not exactly not a php-db issue directly but I
>am hoping someone can help.  It looks like i might need hand leading here.
>Thanks for you valuable time.

First, what the **** is 7.2, Mandrake ? RedHat ? Slackware? Debian ? Trustix?
Corel ? SuSE ? Linux? FreeBSD ? OpenBSD ? NetBSD ? *BSD? Solaris ? SunOS ?
HP-UX ? *NIX ? Windows ? BeOS?
(I guess that makes the point clear)

My guess is that your webserver (which you didn't name) is missing what in 
would be
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php (for php4)
AddType application/x-httpd-php4 .php3 (for php3).

Out of interest which OS and httpd are we talking?
(I've got a hunch telling me it's RedHat and apache, it usually is when 
somebody is
running a version number and no OS).

(and yes this is certainly not a php-db issue, php-install would have been 
the list
you should have posted to).

Andreas D Landmark / noXtension
Real Time, adj.:
         Here and now, as opposed to fake time, which only occurs there
and then.

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