Hi all
I have a searchbox that throws a wobbly when certain characters are
entered into it - basically the user is supposed to enter a
space-delimited list of words to search for, and then I create an array
from it and turn it into an OR etc query.
What I initially did was replace all commas with spaces, but I've
realised that double-quotes mess it up too.
The command I used for the spaces is
     $searchbox = ereg_replace(" ," ," ", $searchbox);
I tried
 $searchbox = ereg_replace(" \"" ," ", $searchbox);
but the page shows an error of 
    Warning: REG_EPAREN: in
d:\apache\htdocs\dev\code\can_search_quick.php on line 22
there's a parse error if I don't escape the ", so what can I do? I know
how to do it in VB!
I searched PHP.net, but could only find an old bug report that advised
escaping special characters!
Thanks in advance

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