I can't think of a simple way to do it off of an include, but off the top of
my head:
$file = file("data.txt");
for($x=0; $x<count($file); $x++){
    $temp = str_replace("%", "", $file[$x]);
    print "$temp\n";
unset($file, $temp);

"Brian Tegtmeier" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Whats up everybody? I am setting up a PHP script that has a <? include
('data.txt'); ?> text file, but in the actual text file it has a % tag
before each item in the list due to a way this database is setup.
> What i am trying to do is have this txt file display on one of my
subpages, but have PHP force the removal of the % character when it parses.
> Any suggestions? Thanks for the help!  :)
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