Hello all

I'm working on encoding some data going in and decrypting coming out of postgres. I'm 
adding slashes going in and stripping them coming out. Using BLOWFISH and I've tried 
several different modes. But each time the data comes out I'm only getting 
half-decrypted data, it seems to hang at a random spot. The same for each piece of 
data but random in terms of different for each entry (confusing the issue enough?).

I'm using mcrypt_encrypt and mcrypt_decrypt. When I test it on the same page (without 
going through the database) it decrypts fine, perfect as a matter of fact. But coming 
out of the DB, the same data is trashed.

Is there any special way to send (or abstract) encrypted data into (from) the DB? I've 
been through the archives and it doesn't look like anyone has posted a problem like 
this. Am I the only one :}



John Starkey
Advance Creations

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