A second question to answer, it's not clear from your description --- is 
the encryption 'breaking' during en-cryption  (before it stuffs the 
value into the database) so that all the data is not even getting into 
the database?  -or-  is ir breaking during  de-cryption ?

Sounds to me like it might be a control character is getting interpreted 
by PgSQL and cutting off the query.

You don't mention - what type field to save the encrypted data???  If 
there's a "blob" or "binary" field type (I dunno about PgSQL) try using 
that field type for encoded data.

And - try skipping the add slashes step - what happens???

Good luck,
Tom Henry

John Starkey wrote:
> Hello all
> I'm working on encoding some data going in and decrypting coming out of postgres. 
>I'm adding slashes going in and stripping them coming out. Using BLOWFISH and I've 
>tried several different modes. But each time the data comes out I'm only getting 
>half-decrypted data, it seems to hang at a random spot. The same for each piece of 
>data but random in terms of different for each entry (confusing the issue enough?).
> I'm using mcrypt_encrypt and mcrypt_decrypt. When I test it on the same page 
>(without going through the database) it decrypts fine, perfect as a matter of fact. 
>But coming out of the DB, the same data is trashed.
> Is there any special way to send (or abstract) encrypted data into (from) the DB? 
>I've been through the archives and it doesn't look like anyone has posted a problem 
>like this. Am I the only one :}
> Thanks,
> John

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