Maybe I am missing the complexity but I would just add them all up as 
you retrieve them (or where you are printing them out) and then when you 
finish the loop divide the total by the number of of number you are 
averaging over have (i.e this would be 15 if you are taking 15 days).

something like:

$sum = 0;
for  i=0 to i=15
    $valueRetrieved = retrieve result of row i
    $sum += $valueRetrieved
$average = $sum/15

hope this helps

Jeff Oien wrote:

>I'm having a hard time learning how to get an average. I have a database
>that gets a number and inserts in into a MySQL database every 1/2 hour
>during the day. For the current half hour, I want to get the last 15 days
>numbers for the same time as the time it is now. I can retrieve and display
>the numbers fine, I just don't know how to go about putting these all into
>variables or an array or if I can do this within a query and then take an 
>average for them. Hope that made sense. Thanks.
>Jeff Oien

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