Hi Taylor,

* Taylor Fletcher [Thu, 16 Aug 2001 09:16:23 -0700]:
> Im getting a permission denied when I try to mkdir. What I can deduce
> is that PHP is running under the user nobody through apache. I need to
> be able to add the web root to the directories that user nobody can
> use.

The DocumentRoot option is set for Apache in your httpd.conf. If you are
running some version of *nix, you can either add user nobody to the
group the DocumentRoot belongs to, or you can use chown to change the
owner of this directory to nobody.

> There is a default line in the httpd.conf that has AllowOveride set to
> None.  If I change this to AllowOverride to All, will that fix the
> problem? Is that recommended?

No, this Apache option has nothing to do with Apache/PHP being able to
write to files or directory. It governs which Apache options can be
overriden in sub directories.

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