Ok.. I am starting up this website for a business of mine and will be using PHP in the 
form of the .phtml extension because I want to basically make them HTML webpages with 
snippets of PHP code.

After doing some research the last few days about how Internet Explorer 6 is going to 
restrict and block some websites (without a valid P3P policy), I decided it may be a 
good idea to setup a P3P compliant site.

So what I did was created a p3p.xml and policy.xml files, and put them in my main root 
directory in a folder called /w3c/ (what the W3C site said to do) and created a small 
privacy.html file telling what my site is about.

My main problem right now is learning how to implement them in the HTML. Do I have to 
enter a special meta tag to reference the P3P policies or will it do it on their own?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for your time.


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