>>After doing some research the last few days about how Internet
>>Explorer 6 is going to restrict and block some websites (without
>>a valid P3P policy), I decided it may be a good idea to setup a
>>P3P compliant site.

It depends on what the user sets the site to do. I'm currently running IE 6
Beta, and i get a small eye with a red line through it, which blocks the
site from leaving cookies on your own computer. If IE6 cannot find the
privacy policy (probably in the directory you have stated) it will block
third party cookies (say the advertiser) that don't have a compact priv
policy, 3rd and 1st party cookies that use personally identifiable
information without implicit consent.(not the site) on the default setting.

if a user is totally paranoid, they can set it to block all cookies, and the
computer will recieve none, and none can be read that you already have on
the HDD. Even at the top setting it does not block any website at all, and
only shows a small icon (you know the padlock size on the bottom status bar.

>>So what I did was created a p3p.xml and policy.xml files, and put
>>them in my main root directory in a folder called /w3c/ (what the
>>W3C site said to do) and created a small privacy.html file
>>telling what my site is about.
>>My main problem right now is learning how to implement them in
>>the HTML. Do I have to enter a special meta tag to reference the
>>P3P policies or will it do it on their own?

If they are in the right place, they might not need to be implemented into
the html, and ie6 may already recognise them.. if you want drop me an off
list mail with the url, and i can check the output of what my ie says..



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