If by 'proper case' you mean what I call 'title case' - First word 
capitalized, conjunctions etc. in lower case, last word capitalized - 
I posted a PHP script for just that a few days ago:


It sounds like you're using PHP - version 4, I hope.


At 1:48 PM -0600 8/16/01, Keith Spiller wrote:
>-Opps:  I meant to say I would like to convert to Proper Case, 
>rather than lower case or UPPER CASE.
>I'm reading data from a mysql table that is entirely in uppercase 
>letters.  I'd very much like to convert them
>to Proper Case.  After searching a while, I found that there is are 
>php commands to convert text strings between
>upper and lower case, but I was unable to find anything that can 
>convert to proper case.
>Does any one know of a way to do this, or a script that will 
>accomplish it?  Or, is there a mysql command
>that can handle the matter for me?

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