dear community,

i've got a script which handles the correct upload of certain documents.
the way:
1)select the document, then upload  through form with method post -> target
same document
2)do the checking stuff with the document, if ok call the same script again
for displaying the property-page -> form-target same document
3) if everything went well, document-properties are inserted in the db in
two tables, then script
displays js-redirect to do more stuff with the doc.
the problem here is, that although no browser goes wrong, except explorer
5.5 (sp2).
using this version, the document's properties are inserted twice, both
relating to the same physical doc
but with different ids.
did anyone ever had same effects or even the remedy for this particular
(remedy "get rid of stinkin' ms-junk" won't help, since customer is tied to
this trash ;)


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