Hi there,

I'm in a situation where I need to produce a small app
on top of an Oracle server really quickly. I'm quite a
seasoned developer, but have only experience with MySQL
so far. It's my understanding that Oracle lacks the 
MySQL's "LIMIT" feature. Looking at the OCI section of 
the PHP manual, it also looks like there's no 
OCIDataSeek() or some equivalent. Since the app I need
to build will be a standard report builder with paging,
I need this functionality. What is the common way to 
achieve this? Always fetch all rows, cycling through the
resultset, discarding the records that preceed the one
I want to start displaying with, and quit when I reach
the one where the page should end?

Is there a PHP + OCI tutorial somewhere?

I need an intro to Oracle, and I need it now. :(


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