I have found Richard Heyes's template class to be very useful for 
this sort of thing--he includes functions to parse code surrounded by 
<LOOP></LOOP> tags for an entire MySQL result set.  Very handy if you 
prefer to separate code and layout.  (If anyone is interested, I 
wrote a function that extends his class to allow the templating of 
summary rows as well as individual data rows--both subtotals and 
totals for a given field or fields--all specified in your HTML 
template separate from the PHP code.)



At 11:41 AM -0700 on 8/23/01, you wrote:
>>Hello again,
>>Is there oportunity to write this:
>><some php command to loop entries, the way is written bellow>
>>HTML  php coding.+ MYSQL -  1 entries information
>><end of loop>
>>Something like that:
>><here loop begins>
>>first entry information from table "companies" (name, telephone...)
>><loop ends>

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