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Temat: Re: [PHP-DB] Linux/PHP/Interbase

> Many thanks for your answer!  However, I have one additional request: how
> compile PHP under Linux 7.1?  As I said previously, Linux/Unix is new to
> and it has been quite a few years since I did any programming with
"C/C++" -
> Delphi has been my mainstay for my clients.
> Could you share with me the steps in compiling programs under Linux?  This
> might force me to brush the dust off of those "C" books on my shelf!!

In most case it's done by:
$:./configure (here's the place to put some options)
$: make
$: make install-strip (or simply make install, if stripping debug info
option isn't available).
If you look for particular ./configure options, type ./configure --help
|less >conf.opt then go for your favorites.
As for Delphi and Linux - they are different, but... not at all... I think
that getting to Linux world is much more easier if you work with Delphi than
if you work with VC++...
Anyway, don't hesitate to ask me privately if you have any questions that
you wouldn't like to ask in public.

Jarek Zgoda

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