Hi Beau--

This is just a wild guess (I've only glanced at your SQL), but do you have
two locations in your locations table?

You might want to try yanking locations out of the join since you're not
using it in your WHERE clause or showing any info from it.


At 12:06 PM 8/30/01 +0800, Beau Lebens wrote:
>Hi guys, I have a set-up to query a database by allowing the user to build a
>query from selecting fields, restrictions etc etc.
>It produces the following;
>SELECT students.fname, courses.title AS course FROM students, courses,
>course_enrolments, groups, locations, staff WHERE
>(students.studentID=course_enrolments.studentID AND
>course_enrolments.courseID=courses.courseID) AND
>(students.groupID=groups.groupID) AND (staff.staffID=courses.staffID) ORDER
>BY fname ASC

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