Hi Beau--

Alternatively you could probably include an AND for the location ID to link
up with whatever it is supposed to link up to in the WHERE clause.

But I have no idea how you responded to my message in 2 minutes flat!  Are
you a remarkably complex AI autoresponder that knocks the socks off of
ELIZA (or whatever it was) style programs?  Dang!  2 minutes!  Good job


At 12:33 PM 8/30/01 +0800, Beau Lebens wrote:
>Actually yes I do :)
>thanks for that - it fixes it when i remove the "FROM locations"
>although I didn't want to have to pull it, because it is going to mean some
>ugly testing and stuff that I wanted to avoid - oh well, looks like I have
>no choice now :)

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