Hi Markus--

It sounds like the provider that only allows local connections to their
database went through some pains to protect their database.  I suggest
talking to them about your needs and not trying to circumvent their
security measures.  Maybe they have a system to open up their database for
you for a monthly fee?


At 04:42 AM 9/2/01 +0200, Markus Mayer wrote:
>Hi folks!
>Let's say you have two servers, on the first one ("A") you have your website
>containig all those nice php scripts and co but only a crazy small database
>(2 megs), on the second one ("B") you have a really big database available
>but the problem, that the provider won't allow you to access the database
>from any other place than from your account on B. That wouldn't be the
>problem, but B opens pop ups each time, you open a website there - and that
>couldn't be the solution.
>Has anyone an idea how to access the database on B without opening a webpage
>there (and with this, without opening a popup) from server A?
>ANY help much appreciated!
>Markus Mayer

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