Here is the code I have:

while ($row=mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
echo "<FORM METHOD=post ACTION=update.php>";
echo "<P>Store:
      <Select NAME=\"$store\">
         <option VALUE=\"Signal Hill\">Signal Hill
         <option VALUE=\"Reseda\">Reseda
         <option VALUE=\"Orange\">Orange
         <option VALUE=\"West Covina\">West Covina
         <option VALUE=\"Riverside\">Riverside
         <option VALUE=\"Norwalk\">Norwalk
         <option VALUE=\"Fountain Valley\">Fountain Valley
         <option VALUE=\"Pasadena\">Pasadena
         <option VALUE=\"Redondo Beach\">Redondo Beach
         <option VALUE=\"San Bernardino\">San Bernardino
         <option VALUE=\"Kearny Mesa\">Kearny Mesa
         <option VALUE=\"San Marcos\">San Marcos
         <option VALUE=\"Chino\">Chino
         <option VALUE=\"Coporate Office\">Corporate Office
echo "<P><INPUT TYPE=text SIZE=35 NAME=\"Jobdesc\" 
echo "<p><INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE=\"submit\" LABEL=\"Save 

Is want I am trying to do possible?  I want the value which is stored in 
$store to automatically fill in on the drop down list.  But, for some 
reason it is defaulting to the first option, and not using the value 
that is in the database.

Can I use a drop down menu, or should I just go to radio buttons?


Jeff Grossman ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

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