The solution is easier than you think.  You'll need to insert an if 
statement in your option html tag that says

echo "<option VALUE=\"Signal Hill\">Signal Hill\n";
should become:

echo "<option VALUE=\"Signal Hill\"";
if ($store == 'Signal Hill') { print " selected"; }
echo ">Signal Hill</option>\n";

Jeff Grossman wrote:

>Here is the code I have:
>while ($row=mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
>   $store=$row["store"];
>   $jobdesc=$row["jobdesc"];
>echo "<FORM METHOD=post ACTION=update.php>";
>echo "<P>Store:
>      <Select NAME=\"$store\">
>         <option VALUE=\"Signal Hill\">Signal Hill
>         <option VALUE=\"Reseda\">Reseda
>         <option VALUE=\"Orange\">Orange
>         <option VALUE=\"West Covina\">West Covina
>         <option VALUE=\"Riverside\">Riverside
>         <option VALUE=\"Norwalk\">Norwalk
>         <option VALUE=\"Fountain Valley\">Fountain Valley
>         <option VALUE=\"Pasadena\">Pasadena
>         <option VALUE=\"Redondo Beach\">Redondo Beach
>         <option VALUE=\"San Bernardino\">San Bernardino
>         <option VALUE=\"Kearny Mesa\">Kearny Mesa
>         <option VALUE=\"San Marcos\">San Marcos
>         <option VALUE=\"Chino\">Chino
>         <option VALUE=\"Coporate Office\">Corporate Office
>      </select></P>";
>echo "<P><INPUT TYPE=text SIZE=35 NAME=\"Jobdesc\" 
>echo "<p><INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE=\"submit\" LABEL=\"Save 
>Is want I am trying to do possible?  I want the value which is stored in 
>$store to automatically fill in on the drop down list.  But, for some 
>reason it is defaulting to the first option, and not using the value 
>that is in the database.
>Can I use a drop down menu, or should I just go to radio buttons?

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