>Subject: [PHP-DB] Grant statement
>           ON database_name.*
>           TO username@localhost
>           IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
>  do i write this is my php file???
>and is this its right syntax just put it like this??as i know i
>put like this when using the command line..but in my php file!!i
>don't know.
>my host created the databse for me and gave me a username and
>password i used them in my scripts...do i still have to use GRANT???

You would need to use the GRANT statement *only* if you wanted to give
access another user. And you're only able to use the GRANT *if* your
host/provider has given you permission to do so using your current

Basically, if you're able to access your database right now, then there's
nothing you need to do.

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