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> Sent: Monday, October 01, 2001 12:56 PM
> Subject: [PHP-DB] MSSQL error codes :/
> I'm getting funky error codes, even with doing 
> addslashes($variable); but its not escaping the
> 's, I have even resorted to str_replace() and 
> still nothing....
> below is error output.
> Warning: MS SQL message: Line 1: Incorrect syntax near 'b'. 
> (severity 15) in 
> \jtron\home\admin\functions.php on line 82
> Warning: MS SQL message: Unclosed quotation mark before
> the character string ')'. (severity 15) in
> \jtron\home\admin\functions.php on line 82
> Warning: MS SQL: Query failed in 
> \jtron\home\admin\functions.php on line 
> 82

I posted in another thread earlier today that the Sybase database engine
likes to have a single quote escaped by another single quote, not by a

Perhaps this is a case where MSSQL is showing its Sybase roots...do you
get the same errors if you change \' to ''?

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