Assuming that you have a variable number of records being displayed out of 
the database:

As you write out the HTML, give each checkbox a name containing the ID# of 
the record that is being written out.  Ex:
<input type="check" name="chkAuthStatus_1203" checked>
<input type="check" name="chkAuthStatus_1204" checked>
<input type="check" name="chkAuthStatus_1205" checked>

Use code like the following to Write and Read the web form...


//Get the DB result
$dbResult = mysql_query("SELECT id, authstatus, whatever, whatever2 FROM 
table WHERE whatever");

//Get the row count
$nRowCount = mysql_num_rows($dbResult);

//Scan the result
for($i=0; $i<$nRowCount; $i++)
         //Get the current row as an object
         $oRow = mysql_fetch_object($dbResult);

         //Format the checkbox name
         $sCheckName = "chkAuthStatus_" . $oRow->id;

         //When Writing out the Web Form, use this
                 $sChecked = ($oRow->authstatus ? ' checked' : '');
                 echo "<input type=\"check\" name=\"$sCheckName\"$sChecked>";

         //When Reading in the web form, use this
                 //If the checkbox variable isset(checked) then set the 
                 //Otherwise set the authstat= 0
                 $authstatus = (isset($$sCheckName) ? 1 : 0);

                 //Update the database
                 mysql_query("UPDATE table SET authstatus=$authstatus WHERE 


-Jason Garber

At 03:22 AM 10/3/2001 +0100, Matt C wrote:
>I have a page of jobs with AuthStatus set to 0. Basically I want to list 
>each job title with a checkbox next to it. This I have done.
>What I really don't understand is how do I make it so that the rows in my 
>table for all the different records when ticked are updated to 1?
>Please help.
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