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>Assuming that you have a variable number of records being displayed out of
>the database:
>As you write out the HTML, give each checkbox a name containing the ID# of
>the record that is being written out.  Ex:
><input type="check" name="chkAuthStatus_1203" checked>
><input type="check" name="chkAuthStatus_1204" checked>
><input type="check" name="chkAuthStatus_1205" checked>

Note that you can use arrays when naming your form elements -- isn't PHP
wonderful :). Thus you can have:

  <input type="check" name="chkAuthStatus[0]" checked>
  <input type="check" name="chkAuthStatus[1]" checked>
  <input type="check" name="chkAuthStatus[2]" checked> ...etc

This simplifies the code somewhat as you can now loop through the elements
of the array $chkAuthStatus to find out whether it is checked or not.

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