Deco <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
>     My will is to return the areas in some cascade order... I can do it
> recursively, but it generates too many queries. I was wondering how i
> do this with only one query to the database.
>     Here's the structure i have so far:
>     AREAS (area_id INT; parent_id INT; root_id(??) INT; description
> VARCHAR(60));


I've come across this type of thing for link categories/subcategories. Heres
how I solved it:

Table Structure:

cat_id INT;
parent_id INT;
desc VARCHAR(255);
sort_id INT;

Example rows:

1    0    Computers    1
    2    1    Hardware      2
        3    2    Modems       3
    4    1    Software       4

Take a look at the sort_id field. Now, to get all the categories &
subcategories I just sort all records by sort_id ASC. This however requires
severe maintenance when adding/deleting records.

Hope this helped.


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