yes, I can use the source from other programs.  The source is a System 
DSN, based on a file DSN for the driver.  The I_USR_<servername> user 
has the correct access rights to the files being accessed and to the 
file DSN driver.

Andrew Hill wrote:

> Anthony,
> Is the DSN usable from the ODBC Administrator control panel?
> E.g. test it there first.  Also, you mention File DSNs?  PHP can only use
> System DSNs on Windows, AFAIK.
> Best regards,
> Andrew Hill
> Director of Technology Evangelism
> OpenLink Software
> Universal Data Access & Data Integration Technology Providers
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>>From: Anthony [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
>>Sent: Friday, October 19, 2001 1:01 PM
>>Subject: [PHP-DB] help connecting to ODBC
>>I can't connect to an ODBC data source.  I have done this before many
>>times.  I am now trying to connect to a new driver for new data.  This
>>is the first time I have tried to access a file DSN.  I have the driver
>>setup as a system DSN on win2k and IIS 5.  PHP 4.06.  when I attempt to
>>connect to the data source I get "SQL error: , SQL state S1000 in
>>SQLConnect".  What does this mean?  does anyone know where I can get a
>>list of SQL errors and their meaning?  Thanks to anyone that can lend
>>their thoughts.
>>- Anthony
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