>Is there a way to get mysql to change the default from 3 to 2 letter words (or
>less) that are ignored in fulltext indexes?
>I'm running version 4 alpha. I checked the TODO and it's not listed. Is it
>possible to make this a config.h option?

As I said I am on a shared host and don't have the option to recompile 
MySQL.  The answer is yes, it is in an .h file (or something like that).

>  A minimum of 4 letters for a word to be
>included in a fulltext index seems a bit restrictive.

My point exactly ;)  But this is what it is (4 letters).  Penelizes us non 
hardcore commercial users who can't afford our own box.

The latest documentation categorically states there is no other way of 
changing this.

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