Ben Edwards wrote:

> I have a bit of a problem with using freetext indexes because there are a
> LOT of important 3 letter words in my database and as I am using shared
> hosting so do not have the option to recompile MySql.  Can't quite figure
> why 3 is not the default (car, dog, cat war, man, bed, ....).  Maybe so you
> would have to recompile to be able to find s_e_x ;).

Is there a way to get mysql to change the default from 3 to 2 letter words (or
less) that are ignored in fulltext indexes?
I'm running version 4 alpha. I checked the TODO and it's not listed. Is it
possible to make this a config.h option? A minimum of 4 letters for a word to be
included in a fulltext index seems a bit restrictive.


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