I'm new so I could be totally off track here but could you not use the php
string manipulation functions in conjunction with strtoupper() to produce
the desired result prior to inserting in the db?

"Ian Evans" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Back when I was working with MSSQL I need to alphabetize movie titles in
> the proper library format where 'A' 'An" and 'The" are ignored.
> For MSSQL I was told to use:
> select *
> from Titles
> order by case when Title like 'The %' then substring (Title, 5, 255)
> when Title like 'A %' then substring (Title, 3, 255)
> when Title like 'An %' then substring (Title, 4, 255)
> else Title
> end
> That worked like a charm, yet MySQL doesn't seem to accept that. Any
> solutions or advice?
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> Ian Evans
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