seems a bit strange.
Try this select (use mysql client)
mysql> select title,if(title like 'The %','yes','no') from titles;
if it works try substring functions and if that works try 'order by' clause.
It's at least working on server v. 3.23, so in case it will not work find out 
in the 'list of changes' (for version 3.23) if this feature is not new. In 
such case tell whoever to upgrade. :(
I can't find any error in your query (and at least at 3.23 it's working!)


On Thursday 01 November 2001 10:19, you wrote:
> Petr Tuma wrote:
> > What error message it produce?
> Ok, table titles is composed of:
> +----------+-------------+----------------+
> | titlesid | releaseyear | title          |
> +----------+-------------+----------------+
> mysql> select *,(case when title like 'The %' then substring (title, 5,
> 255) when title like 'A %' then substring (title, 3, 255) when title like
> 'An %' then substring (title, 4, 255) else title end) as sort_col from
> titles order by sort_col; ERROR 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax
> near 'when title like 'The %' then substring (title, 5, 255) when title
> like 'A %' the' at line 1

Petr Tuma
IT Manager, M.Ward Manufacturing

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