On Thursday 01 November 2001 20:34, Jacek Krywult wrote:
> I have an error messagge  when try to configure php.ini to use
> php_interbase.dll.
> FoxServ, php ver. 4.0.6 ( I tried also 4.0.4 ), win 98. interbase local
> from Delphi 5.

I think that local interbase installed with delphi is pre version 6.0, and 
the dll you're using is compiled against version

> What is the way to use interbase with php ?
> greetings,
> Jacek Krywult

PHP works best with interbase 6.0 (or firebird) and up, so i suggest 
removing local interbase and installing the newer one.

Meir Kriheli

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