Thanks for the help on the free editors.

Line 31 is blank

The section is as follows:

// string start_form ([string action [, array attributes]])

// This function returns an HTML <form> tag. If the first argument
// is empty, the value of the global Apache variable SCRIPT_NAME
// is used for the 'action' attribute of the <form> tag. Other
// attributes for the form can be specified in the optional second
// argument; the default method of the form is "post".

// The behavior of this function on servers other than Apache is
// not known. It's likely that it will work, as SCRIPT_NAME is
// part of the CGI 1.1 specification.

function start_form ($action="", $atts="")
        global $SCRIPT_NAME;

        if (empty($action)) { $action = $SCRIPT_NAME; }
        //<this is line 31>//
        $attlist = get_attlist($atts,array("method"=>"post"));
        $output = <<<EOQ
<form action="$action" $attlist>
        return $output;

What do you think?

Thanks Darren

P.Whiter wrote:

> Hi
> If you get yourself any decent text editor, it will have an option to show
> line numbers.
> Plenty of free editors here:
> ir
> Personally I use and would recommend 'Ultra-edit'
> It would probably be a good idea to just post the line in question, due to
> line wrapping in mail it is difficult to figure out without going through
> the entire script where your error is.
> Paul

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