I bought the bookMySQL/PHP Database Applications by Jay Greenspan 
and Brad Bulger, and in I discovered some code that I don't 
understand and I can't find reference to it anywhere. (in the php 
manuel, book, php website etc.) does anyone know what it means and 
if it php3 compatible.  It is used in the following code:

Here tis

// string start_form ([string action [, array attributes]])

// This function returns an HTML <form> tag. If the first argument
// is empty, the value of the global Apache variable SCRIPT_NAME
// is used for the 'action' attribute of the <form> tag. Other
// attributes for the form can be specified in the optional second
// argument; the default method of the form is "post".

// The behavior of this function on servers other than Apache is
// not known. It's likely that it will work, as SCRIPT_NAME is
// part of the CGI 1.1 specification.

function start_form ($action="", $atts="")
        global $SCRIPT_NAME;

        if (empty($action)) { $action = $SCRIPT_NAME; }
        $attlist = get_attlist($atts,array("method"=>"post"));
        $output = <<<EOQ
<form action="$action" $attlist>
        return $output;


Thanks for your comments and help in advance


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