Thanks for the input an the link to the manuels, there are very 
helpful.  I have looked at them but I don't understand what default 
variables has to do with the listed code.  To give you a better idea 
(if you need it you may not) I'll put a little more of code in for 
context purposes.

// string hidden_field ([string name [, string value]])

// This function returns an HTML hidden field. A value may be supplied.

function hidden_field ($name="", $value="")
        $output = print("<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"$name\" 

        return $output;

I still don't understand what the fix should be or what is wrong.

Thanks for the help


Dl Neil wrote:

>>Paul if your there I have another issue similar to the past.  It is 
>>probably a PHP3 to PHP4 problem.
>>Here tis
>>function hidden_field ($name="", $value="")
>>I have no clue what could be wrong.
> Darren,
> Check out http://uk.php.net/manual/en/functions.php and from there look up "Default 
>Argument Values".
> =dn

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