Dl and everybody else,

Thank you all for your help and patience.

Dl Neil wrote:

 > Darren,
 > We're not really set up to do line-by-line debugging. You may 
need to spend a bit (more) time learning PHP to
 > avoid these sorts of frustrations.


Meanwhile ..

Dl Neil wrote:

> Darren,

> When the code is executed it gives a parse error on the line containing 
>value=\"$value">". It would have been
> helpful to have pointed us at that line and told us the error msg (cf "now the next 
>line gets an error").

I'll do my best to inform everybody of the error.  In this case it 
was the same parse error as the other.

> The problem is that the last set of (internal) double-quotes are not 'escaped' and 
>consequently PHP thinks they
> terminate the string to be printed. Otherwise everything seems to be fine.

I was comparing a similar line earlier in the code and it looked 
fine to me. But I'm still learning

I tryed it and I got the same error

The code I used

        $output = print("<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"$name\" 

        return $output;



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