Something that might be useful would be a sort of "guide" or list of tips
and tricks to creating a quotation for a programming job. I wouldn't know
where to find something like that though. Maybe the business section of a
larger bookstore?


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Subject: Re: what's a GOOD starting HOURLY rate for a PHP/MYSQL job?

I'd also be interested in what people are charging as I'm thinking of
setting up as a contractor myself and it would be nice to have a 'ball park'
figure of what the going rate is ...

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"Leo G. Divinagracia III" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> okay, you consultants...
> i'm gonna venture at work to do some side jobs here for some online
> dynamic web pages.  but what would be a good starting pay rate?
> or would you contract for the entire job?  what about a per PAGE/SCRIPT
> basis?
> thanks...
> --
> Leo G. Divinagracia III

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