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> The problem is that you have to be able to differentiate yourself from those
> fakes, and it can be difficult. They usually have flashy sites that move and
> make sound linked some database capability with access (like to catalog their
> dad's wine bottle so they never plan more than one simultaneous connection).

I hear ya! Making the pitch to a customer that doesn't understand why your site doesn't
necessarily look gee-whiz-bang, and selling them on the idea that a db-run site is cost
effective can be a challenge! I was discussing that once with a guy who was proud of 
site. He pays a guy $65 per hour to do all edits on his site ..and I do mean *all*:

"Yeah, it's real cool! The guy just goes right in, downloads the file, wham! bam! bam! 
he's changed the prices on the products, uploads the file, and it's done while I'm
standing right there!"

"Hmmm.. I see. Well, the way I design my sites, using a database with a web front-end
makes the task of price updates a menial chore that you give to your clerk making $7 
hour ..not your 'webmaster' making $65 per hour".

I think a light came on for him. (but he likes his webmaster, so I didn't get the job 

C'est la vie!

-Some people manage by the book, even though they don't know who
wrote the book or even what book.

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