Hi all,

I use a small php-script for generating some simple weekly weblog for a
site with about 3.000 vists / day. I do not want to log IP or dates, I
just want to count pageimpressions for all the html/php-files
seperately. A friend helped me with the script, but although it does
exactly what I want, we have some trouble with it:

For every page we have an entry in the sql-database with fields for page
(seite) / week (kw) / number of hits (anzahl). Sometimes the script
inserts a new entry, so that there are two, three or even twenty entries
for the same page in the same week. As you will see the code checks if
there is already an entry for the actual file / actual week, and if so
it should just counts hits. Sometimes (on the average two times a day)
the script generates a new entry and then logs in both, the original
entry and the new, false one. Two days ago it started creating so many
new entries that my isp had to block the database because it consumed to
much server-ressources...

Any help would be very appreciated.

  $id = "NN";
 $logdata=$bloede->select("select * from bloede_log where kw = $kw AND
seite ='$id'");
 if(sizeof($logdata) == 0)
  $bloede->insert("insert into bloede_log (kw, seite, anzahl) values
($kw, '$id', 1)");
 else $bloede->insert("update bloede_log set anzahl = (anzahl+1) where
kw = $kw AND seite = '$id'");
 $logdata = "";

 if($id == "NN") {
  Header("Location: index.php4");

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